Inspire Online Modules

We are now offering an Inspire module online for staff to access at their convenience, this module will be available 24/7, for the entire school year.

If you’d like to take part:

1 – Go to and login.  All Teachers, ECE’s and School Administrators should have an account on this site.   Login using the format as displayed on the login page, if you already use classroom websites, you may have a different password.  If you have trouble logging in, click “Forgot my password” or Gino Russo.

2 – Once logged in, click the big green button titled “Register for a course”.    Find the course and register for it (Note we currently have two modules,  “Digital Citizenship Learning Module” and “Video Lessons Module”

3 –  You should see under the module the “my courses” widget on the left.   Enter the course and instructions should be present for you to begin.

4 – We expect this module to take about 2 hours, the last component of the module asks you to create or adapt a lesson and work through it in your class or school.   When you are done, please complete the exit survey at the bottom so that we can give you credit.