Inspire Training Program Schedule

Sessions are  from about 4:00 – 6:00 PM, please email the session instructor for any specific session specific questions.

March Sessions

Learn about Office 365 in this responsive session
Learn about a variety of multimedia apps and programs and how you can use them to support literacy and other subjects.
Learn about the mathies site and other engaging mathematics resources.

April Sessions

Learn how to use video, screencasts and youtube to support student learning with Gerry Bell.
This session will focus on the incredible power technology has in building relationships with students, inspiring confidence and making connections. Two technologies we will focus on are Scratch, and Minecraft.
Learn how to submit reports within Edsby as well as other features.
Engage and motivate students by bringing your class into the world of Minecraft. Learn how to use this special classroom-ready version of Minecraft for everything from numeracy to language arts to ancient history. Beginners to experts welcome… we will look at how to use Minecraft, set up a class to enter a Minecraft world, and create objectives and tasks.
Learn how to use the DoInk and other video apps to create fun literacy assignments with iPads