Checking your email and calendar with Office 365

Short video on how to check your email and calendar. First part of the video is with the web, second half is with an iPhone or iPad.

For those who prefer written instructions:

  1. Go to – (also available through the board website under staff
  2. Login with the same username and password you use to login to our schol computers
  3. Username – add “” to your username. (e.g. After march break you should be able to login without the word hub.
  4. Password – your standard network password
  5. Click on mail where you can access your email (both past and present). Future email after march break will go here. In the bottom left hand corner you will also see your calendar and appointments.


PS The video above was made with “Screencastomatic”. I often get asked how to make these screencasts by staff who would like to make short tutorials for students. Screencastomatic should be available in every school through the Novell launcher. It is also available on at For desktops you may need to buy a 5 dollar microphone from the dollar store as well, laptops however usually come with microphones.